How to begin?
The first step is to have all its answered questions. The biggest quantity in information about the instruction process before beginning this extraordinary experience, will be used on the activity of the flight.

Is it difficult to fly an Airplane?
No, to fly is very easy if you follow an appropriate instruction from the beginning, you carried out most of the flight time like a pilot, next to your instructor.

When could I begin to fly?
You can begin to take flight lessons in any moment, however you will fulfil certain requirements demanded by the DINACIA (Regulator Organism of Civil Aviation) to obtain Student's Pilot Certificate.

Which are the requirements to obtain Student's Pilot License in Uruguay?

  • To be at least 17 years of age.

  • Smaller than 18 years of age, should present their legal representatives' authorization.

  • Complete primary (elementary) education.

  • A medical certificate class 2, sent by Aeronautical Medicine of DINACIA.

How and where do I obtain a medical certificate?

The DINACIA possesses a department of Aeronautical Medicine located in the Air Force Command, Capt. Boiso Lanza.,

  • Hemogram

  • Glycaemia

  • Urea in serum

  • Uraemia

  • Urine Complete

  • Electrocardiogram informed by cardiologist

  • Cholesterol (starting from the 40 years)

  • Informed thorax x-ray

  • Complete electroencephalogram with privation of dream of 24 hours

  • Certificate of effective anti-tetanus vaccine

  • A picture card

In case that you have some physical impediment, consult to the personnel of Aeronautical Medicine, since in many cases a certificate can be granted although impediments exist.

How and where do I obtain Student's Pilot Certificate?
Presenting the medical certificate, next to the following documentation:

  • Certificate of police good behavior.

  • Two pictures card.

  • The father's authorization, mother or tutor if you are under age (18).

  • In the office of Licenses and Qualifications belonging to DINACIA.

When should I have with me my medical certificate
and license of Student Pilot?

Whenever you fly.

For how long are my medical certificate and my license
of Student Pilot valid?

As much the medical certificate as Student's Pilot license conquer at the end of the second year of expedition.

Once conquered, can I renewed my Student's Pilot license?
It can be renewed obtaining a new medical certificate previously.

How much does it cost Private Pilot's course?
The cost of each lesson is about U$S 65 (hour) of flight, this cost is based on the aircraft type and the flight instructor selected.

Your personal conditions determined the payment method for your instruction. you can pay for each lesson (hour) for separate or the school can offer a package of hours for cash in advance.

The total cost of flight training depends primarily in the number of hours of flight that will be necessary for you, to compute the program of training.

The number of hours required by you to achieve the improvement depends on several factors, as being the level of initial comfort with the airplane, if you has previous experience of flight, and the frequency of flight lessons. For example, to more period of time among lessons, minor is the information that retains, and bigger the time of review during each lesson. If you can fly with more assiduity, their training will be more efficient in cost.

Besides the cost of the flight lessons, you will consider the cost from the relating lessons to the theoretical course. This is necessary to approve the obligatory theoretical exam; required by DINACIA; before obtaining the license of Private Pilot.

The cost of the course depends on the instruction type that you select: a course of regular theoretical classes, individual lessons with instructor, study in house; or a combination of these methods pre-agreed with the school.

What elements do I need for the flight course?
Study material including Private Pilot Manual, our Training Program, a copy of Aircraft Pilot's Manual, aeronautical charts, and some elements for flight calculations, which can be acquired in the school.

How is a flight lesson?
A typical lesson of flight, (excluding the sailings), take approximately two hours, of those which, around one hour is dedicated to the flight, and the remaining time will be employee in the previous and later planning to the flight; chord to the Practical Program of Instruction.

How is the sequence of the Practical Program of Instruction?
The Practical Program of Instruction is divided in three defined phases: previous stage to the alone flight, sailing stage and preparation stage for Private Pilot's practical exam. Each stage includes instruction in earth and in flight. These are denominated, STAGE" A"," B" and " C."



During this stage the student will receive information about the necessary training to form a pilot. You will be able to familiarize with human factors in the aviation, the systems of the airplane, aerodynamic principles, as well as the flight and her environment. The student will also obtain a basic knowledge of flight areas, airports, aeronautical charts, air spaces, radio-communication and air traffic and service controls, including the radar use.

Additionally the student will learn the procedures of use of the radio and the sources more communes of where to obtain the information for this flights.



During this stage, the student will receive information and training about meteorological conditions, local and in route , and dangerous phenomenon for the aviation.

The student will also learn how to interpret the observations, reports, forecast and meteorological information charts.

Additionally the student will familiarize with National and International Regulations, effective, Aeronautical Code, R.A.U., ICAO Documents and it application in the operations that a Private Pilot can carry out.



During this stage, the student will receive information about the variables that influence in the performances of the airplane, the calculation of the weight and gravity center by means of the different methods and the consequences for the development of the flight. The student will be introduced in the basic techniques for sailing, in visual conditions , and with support in radio navigation aids.

It will also include the basic concepts for the use of the aeronautical sailing charts, plotters, flight computers and aeronautical information publications for the planning and execution of the flight. In this stage, it will be demonstrated in elementary form the operation of the VOR, ADF, GPS, like support advanced to the visual sailing.

Finally the physiologic factors will be studied that can affect as much to the company as to the passengers during the flight, the correct planning and execution of a sailing flight, keeping in mind the different factors that influence in the taking of aeronautical decisions.

Each stage will be completed when the student has approved an written test with a minimum of approval of 80%, the instructor will review next to the student the questions that caused difficulty until achieving a complete understanding of this topics.

Which are the requirements to obtain Private Pilot's license?

  • Be 18 years of age old.

  • Possess a medical certificate of aptitude class 2 effective.

  • Approve Private Pilot's theoretical exam before DINACIA.

  • Approve a practical exam in flight of Private Pilot before DINACIA.

  • Have completed 40 hours of flight as minimum, chord to the Practical Program of Instruction.

Which are my privileges like Private Pilot?
The holder of Private Pilot's License; chord to the effective regulation; will be able to act like Pilot to the control or Co-pilot of an airship whose Type Certificate of Airworthiness requires more than a pilot eat provided it acts without remuneration and in not remunerated flights, excepting in those operations that especially the DINACIA authorizes. You will not be able to make acrobatic flights neither of formation.

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